Our Approach

Form follows Function
This means that whatever we design is formed by this purpose: the client’s need to communicate.

We create things that engage the eye and are easy to understand.

Our goal is to motivate and inform, and make that process enjoyable... because we all pay attention to what we enjoy.

The Studio

Form N Function provides design services, with expertise in graphic design, web design, promotion, and management. Services range from helping clients shape a message, to the nuts and bolts of producing a compelling display in various media.

Our work has no particular style or look -- we want to reflect our clients. As such, the creative approach varies to address each project. The Portfolio section of this site demonstrates that variety.

The studio is small -- intentionally so -- so that we may focus on few projects at a time. The studio consists of its principal,
Robert St. JohnRobert St. John, supported by Associates.