Working with us

Project development and work flow -- We try to keep it simple. Once a project has been discussed and described; cost estimates define the scope, timing, and cost of the work.

FNF provides several stages of client input to keep a project developing as planned.

Jobs are tracked intensely or intermittently according the the desired schedule. See a sample tracking document for a complex job.

Fees are based on time, the studio’s hourly rate, and the client’s budget. Creatives services provided by associates, such as photography or copywriting are not marked up. Associates contract with, and directly invoice the client. Products such as printing are retailed to the client at a markup.

Copyright for final designs transfers to the client upon full payment. FNF retains copyright of preliminary designs and/or rejected designs.

Contracts beyond cost estimates are not generally provided, but clients are free to provide their own agreements. Extremely small font size will be used for all disclaimers. Please read carefully to avoid catastrophic legal consequences.
Important clauses shall be distinguished by the further reduction of font size, which may obligate the reader to some effort. We apologize for this inconvenience.